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1. Once the canning jars have been filled and closed with rubber rings and 3 spring clips, they can be placed directly onto the bottom of the pressure cooker; however, it is preferable to use a strainer insert or a wet towel.
2. Pour a 1/2 liter of water into the bottom of the pressure cooker.
3. Close the pressure cooker according to directions, and turn on the heating source. For each fruit or vegetable listed in the chart below, the prescribed cooking time starts when the level/ring (see chart) has been reached on the valve of the pressure cooker.

Cooking level (= temperature) and cooking times with pressure cookers
Level/ Cooking time
ring in minutes

Tender berries I 5

Other berries I 7-8

Precooked jam I 1-2

Fruit w/ seeds I 10-12

Fruit w/ stone I 10-12

Pickled vegetables I 10

Vegetables II 25-30

Meat & Sausage
products, parboiled
slowly II 25

Please note: These short cooking times only apply for canning in pressure cookers because they operate with excess pressure and higher temperatures.

Pay special attention: After the prescribed cooking time, the pressure cooker may not be cooled down under running water nor steam released.
Reason: When canning in a pressure cooker, an excess pressure is being generated, not only in the cooker, but also in the jars. If, after the cooking process, the closed cooker would be cooled down under running water, or steam released, the excess pressure would immediately be reduced in the cooker, but not as quickly inside the canning jars. As a result, the juice will be pushed out of the jars (it bubbles up), and you will end up having the juice inside your cooking water.

Therefore very important:
After completion of the cooking time, never cool down the pressure cooker with water, and never release the steam, thus allowing the excess pressure in the cooker and the jars to be relieved as evenly as possible.

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Remove the cooker from the stove, wait until the vapor pressure has diminished, and the valve of the pressure cooker no longer shows the ring. And from that point on, you should wait at least another 30 to 40 minutes until the cooker has more time to cool down. Only then should you open the cooker and take out the jars. Keep the spring clips clamped on until the canning jars have cooled down completely, but then take them off at that time.